I'm Bailey Harris, AKA Subsea, and I'm a digital artist with a love of underwater aesthetics, bright colors, and surrealist imagery.


I started drawing as soon as I could hold a crayon and never learned how to put it down. From a very young age, art was my way to process information, namely my emotions and the way I experience the world.

Cartoons and animation have always been a big influence on me, specifically the exaggeration of expressions, proportions, and movements, so I try to capture the same energy in my work.

The main goal in everything I create is to give a home to people who don't fit into societal norms - people who look or dress different, people who don't fit in the heteronormative ideals or gender boxes dictated by our world, people who strive to be kind and seek the good in others. They are very much my people, and I want to give them what I have to offer. So if my art inspires and brings joy to people, I know I'm doing my job.

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